Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

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Beverly Hills Cinemas is located at 449 King Georges Road, Beverly Hills 2209, which is easily accessible through public transport

Movie schedules are determined on Mondays for films opening on Thursday of the same week. Schedules are posted on the Beverly Hills Cinemas website by Tuesday evening.

Tickets can be purhchased both through the Beverly Hills website and the Event Cinemas website.

Once session times are listed on our website, tickets can be purchased from both the box office and online in advance of the film's opening. We recommend for the most popular films, during the weekends and holidays, that you plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to the advertised start time or drop in during the day and purchase early.

All normal sessions have allocated seating, and you may choose your seat when purchasing your ticket. For special events or other non-standard sessions you should contact Beverly Hills Cinemas and our staff will be glad to help you.

Absolutely! Beverly Hills Cinemas offers Adult, Student, Child & Senior Gift Vouchers as well as General Gift Cards of up to $150 which can be purchased in store.

Beverly Hills Cinemas both accept and sell Screen Saver vouchers as well as plastic Events Gift Cards. However you should always check the Terms & Conditions on your voucher which should outline which cinemas are and aren't valid for use.

Group Bookings are a great way for you, your family and friends to see a fantastic film at a discounted rate. To be entitled to the group booking rate you need at least 10 people in attendance. For more information or to make a Group Booking please fill out the Group Booking Enquiry Form.

Yes, Beverly Hills Cinemas offers Eftpos and Credit Card facilities (Including American Express) both in the ticketbox and Candy bar. We also have an ATM on site and several nearby for your convenience.

Yes, Beverly Hills Cinemas are proud to be apart of the Cinebuzz Rewards programme. You can join this program when you purchase your ticket or online at . With Cinebuzz Rewards you can earn free movies, gain access to discount movies each week, have access to advanced screenings and much much more. To learn more about Australia's Largest Cinema Rewards Program visit

The distributor of a film will stipulate NO FREE TICKETS on selected films for a set duration. This restriction will not apply to the entire season of a film - usually only weeks 1 and 2 (except 3D films). If a voucher or pass is not valid for NO FREE TICKET movies it will be stated in the conditions on the back of the pass. Check our session times for the NO FREE TICKETS schedule to ensure you will not be disappointed.

Every Tuesday at Beverly Hills Cinemas, we offer $10 tickets for all patrons on all 2D movies all day, and $14 tickets for 3D movies (Including RealD 3D Glasses)

Dolby technologies put you in the center of your movie-going experience. You will hear five full-range discreet channels, plus a subwoofer channel that covers the bottom one-tenth of the audible range - these are the technologies that create the experience. The dynamic range (the ratio of the loudest sounds to the softest) is significant and the full-range surround channels make lifelike special effects possible-think helicopters flying overhead. And the subwoofer sound can often be felt as well as heard.

The length of time any film will play at Beverly Hills Cinemas is based on the amount of patrons the film attracts, contractual obligations and time of the year. Basically, the more popular a film is, the longer it will play. There is no way to predict exactly how long a movie will play. Use our website to get information on what films will be playing up to five days in advance.

Our programming is coordinated by Greater Union/Event Cinemas. It is their policy to ensure we offer a wide range of films covering most audiences and genres. With programming however we are governed by the Official release dates of the Distributors films and the availability of prints throughout Australia.

Absolutely! Cinema advertising at Beverly Hills cinemas is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising. Many Local businesses are benefiting from their business name being on the big screen telling their message to a captive audience. For more information about Onscreen Cinema Advertising please contact; Val Morgan Cinema Advertising, and Star Media Platinum,

For information about website advertising, please contact us.

Please Contact Beverly Hills Cinemas directly and speak to our staff who will gladly assist.

Showcase films have limited prints in circulation throughout Australia as apposed to Blockbuster films. Therefore when planning our sessions our programmers are governed by what prints are available, contractual obligations and the time of year. The length of time any Showcase film will play at Beverly Hills Cinemas is based on the amount of business the film generates.

Please use our Contact form or call the cinema at (02) 9580 5400 if you have any further questions.

Questions about 3D

A $3 surcharge is applied to the ticket price of all tickets for Digital 3D sessions, with an extra $1 surcharge for RealD 3D Glasses. For example: Adult ticket - $15.50 + 3D surcharge $3.00 + 3D Glasses $1.00 = 19.50

The surcharge is to cover the costs of the superior quality 2K Digital 3D Projectors and 3D glasses Beverly Hills Cinemas offers and the costs of cleaning and maintaining them.

Our usual Concession, Child and Seniors discounts still apply with a $3 surcharge added (Plus $1.00 for 3D Glasses) . On Tuesdays all tickets are $13 including the 3D surcharge ($14 with glasses). Certain complimentary passes still require you to pay this $3 surcharge (Plus $1.00 for 3D Glasses) however it always best to check the terms and conditions on the voucher or pass.

Beverly Hills Cinemas utilise RealD 3D Technology to provide stereoscopic 3D through RealD Polarised glasses. 3D works by presenting viewers with a slightly separated set of images for the left and the right eye in such quick succession that our brain perceives the images as appearing at the same time and having a field of depth. The glasses ensure that the right eye only see the images intended for right eye and the same for the left eye.

You will be able to use your Beverly Hills or Greater Union gift vouchers, screen savers vouchers or gift cards for 3D movies but a $3 surcharge may apply (Plus $1.00 for 3D Glasses). As always it is best to check the terms and conditions of your specific voucher or pass.

Yes, as with standard 2D films, you can refund your ticket up to 30 minutes into the session, however we are unable to refund RealD Glasses due to health and safety reasons.

Our RealD 3D glasses are designed to fit easily and comfortably on any guests that are over 7 years old. For younger guests or those with smaller heads we offer child sized glasses that are designed to fit comfortably on children.

Of course! Our RealD 3D glasses are designed to fit comfortably over prescription glasses.

Yes, however by returning your 3D glasses to the provided bins we are able to recycle them into new glasses, reducing the environmental impact compared to disposable 3D glasses

Beverly Hills Cinemas often screen 2D versions as well as 3D movies depending on availability.